Boo Box frames for Instagram Prints

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Frame Views

Hatchcraft’s Boo Box frames are created using a solid piece of 3/4″ bamboo plywood. A shadow-box design is routed into the piece creating a recessed border giving the appearance that the photo is floating within the frame.  Affectionately called “Tiger”, the mixed color of the strand bamboo face gives each frame a look as unique as the image – your image – that it houses.

The frames are currently offered in two sizes, the Boo Box 4 and the Boo Box 7, which house 4″ and 7″ prints respectively. Each frame comes with a keyhole slot in the top-middle for easy hanging. Your square or Instagram prints are applied using a pH Neutral (Acid-Free) adhesive, to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Upload your image from Instagram or from your device.  Our expert team will hand-mount the print to your Boo Box and ship it right to your door!

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