[ App Tips ] – Instagram: How to get your Instagram share URL

There are essentially 3 ways to obtain your Instagram share URL.

First you’ll want to Launch the App and click on the Profile button. You will then click on the “Your photos” section. Scroll through your photo Feed to find the picture you would like to obtain the Share URL for.

Click the button in the bottom right corner below the photo. A share options screen will appear. These are your 3 choices on how to obtain your share URL.

1. If you click “Share post” you are faced with a screen of external networks that you’ve configured to share to. For this example we’ve chosen to configure Twitter. Simply click the Share button beside Twitter and it pulls up a text box. Your Instagram share URL is listed.

2. If you click “Copy share URL” it will copy the URL to your iPhone clipboard. To see what it is, you must now open Notes or Safari and paste the URL into the the app or browser to see it.

3. If you click “Email photo” it brings up your email. Email it to yourself. You will receive an email with a thumbnail of the image and a link that says (see full image). Click this link and it will open the URL up in your browser.

That’s it! No matter which choice you go with, just make a note of the URL it provides.


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